Live Like You Mean It

Pete Briscoe

Everything you do tells people a little bit about who you are. The way you treat people. How you deal with conflict. What you do when faced with tough decisions. So, if you identify yourself as a follower of Jesus, it's fair to ask... are you living like you mean it? Do your choices, actions, attitudes, and words demonstrate that you're set apart and living for Christ?

There are things that happen each day that get in the way of living out your faith. Paul saw it. He experienced them himself. So he knew what he was talking about when he wrote to the early churches to encourage them and get them back on track.

In Pete Briscoe's inspiring series, he explores some of these issues and timeless, biblical advice from Paul on how to live well in daily circumstances. Paul addresses some of the areas of challenge in our lives, and he instructs us how to make godly choices that give us peace and point others to the source of our peace—Jesus.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 2. Paul Speaks on Forgiveness

    Pete Briscoe

    Is there someone in your life who has deeply hurt you? We can come up with a list of excuses as to why we cannot or will not forgive that person, but the reality is that unforgiveness in our hearts is only hurting us. That pain will leak into other areas of our lives, and we will end up hurting loved ones in the process.

    Pete Briscoe teaches in the book of Philemon on why we should reconcile with each other and how we can go about doing it so that we have a better understanding of everything good we have in Christ, which leads to a fuller experience.

    Scripture:  Philemon

  2. 3. Paul Speaks on Relationships

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you want deep, authentic relationships with people? If you do, perhaps a paradigm shift needs to happen in your thinking. The world tells us to make a name for ourselves and to do it at whatever the cost. The problem is along the way we step on others and damage relationships.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe teaches from Philippians 2 where the apostle Paul shows us how to think counter-culturally so that we can experience deep and meaningful relationships with others.

    Scripture:  Philippians 2

  3. 4. Paul Speaks on Distractions

    Pete Briscoe

    The world is full of distractions that will take us places we never intended to go, and Satan is lurking around the corner trying to deceive us with false beliefs. One of those beliefs has been the concept that Jesus, in addition to religious philosophy, traditions, and principles, is what grants us salvation. Pete Briscoe uses Colossians 2 to shine some light on the truth that Christ alone has made it possible for us to be cleansed and seen blameless in God's sight.

    Scripture:  Colossians 2

  4. 5. Paul Speaks on Serving

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you have trouble finding a church you feel is the right fit for you? If so, Pete suggests that we need a paradigm shift in our thinking of the church. The church was not meant to be a place where we come to get our needs met. Instead, we should realize that we ourselves are the church.

    Romans 12 explains that God made each one of us with unique gifts, and each one of these gifts is needed to make the church function as God intended it to. If one part is lacking, the church can survive for a time but will put too much strain on the rest and become weak again.

    Scripture:  Romans 12

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