Immanuel - God with Us

Stuart Briscoe

We have an amazing knack for trivializing the momentous, ignoring the profound, and embracing the superficial. That's what we've done to Christmas. Marginalized it. Simplified it. Completely lost the point of it. So what is the point?  

The point is that we can have a fresh start because God sent His son, Immanuel, to be with us, live among us, and rescue us from our sin. The creator of all things left heaven and came to be with us because He couldn't bear to be separated from us! When you stop and think about it, the Christmas story is overwhelming! 

So, if you want to go beyond the familiar story of the baby in the manger to experience a life-changing look at what Jesus' birth really means for you, listen to this series in which Stuart explains the intimate relationship we are meant to have with Immanuel.

Messages From This Series:

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