Go Ahead and Ask

Pete Briscoe

Some questions are difficult to ask: How do I know if I'm really a Christian? Isn't Jesus just one of many options? How does someone really become a Christian?

These questions may be on the tip of our tongue, but for some reason, we hesitate to ask them. However, it's only through asking the tough questions and looking to Christ for the answers that we grow spiritually. Are you willing to seek Truth and ask the difficult questions?

In this series, Pete Briscoe asks seven hot-topic questions concerning Christianity. He gives Scripture-guided responses, and he encourages us to go ahead and ask the challenging questions—the ones we may fear to ask, but the questions Christ is eager to answer.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. How Do I Know I'm a Christian?

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever been wrong? Chances are, you can think of plenty of times, including some times today. Could you be wrong about whether or not you're a Christian? You may, in fact, be headed in the wrong direction—caught up in works that you think make you a Christian. Jesus wants us back on track with Him, and there is only one way. Following lists won't get us to Jesus; trusting Jesus is what it takes.

    Pete encourages us to ask the tough question: Why would anyone think I'm not a Christian? He shows us what Jesus says about true Christianity.

    Scripture:  John 6 , Matthew

  2. 2. What's the Big Deal About Sin?

    Pete Briscoe

    Silent, but deadly. Sounds like a big deal, right? That's exactly why Christians make a big deal out of sin—it's a silent killer. And not only that, but we all have it.

    So how do we deal with this silent killer? What difference can we make? As Christians, we not only know sin to be deadly, but we know the cure! We know only the grace Jesus offers can counteract sin’s deadly consequence. We are called to both expose the disease and introduce others to its cure.

    Scripture:  Colossians 1 , Ephesians 2

  3. 3. Why Can't I Make It on My Own?

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever tried to use a currency other than the dollar in the United States? It didn't work, did it? Trying to use a different currency is similar to trying to gain salvation through works, giving, volunteering, or just being a nice person. It won't work. You can't gain salvation through your own means.

    In this message, Pete shares what the Bible says the Kingdom-currency really is. It's unique, and in complete faith and trust, it's available to us now.

  4. 4. Why Is Jesus So Important?

    Pete Briscoe

    The one thing we need is sometimes the one thing we lack. We need tickets to a sold-out event, a higher test score, or even a hand to help us when we're drowning. The problem is the one thing we need is the one thing we lack. And often, we need someone else to help us get what we're lacking.

    In regards to our salvation, Jesus has the one thing we lack, and He wants to give it to us. We are completely incapable of salvation on our own, but Christ came to provide what we need. Say "yes" to Him, and receive what He has. He's the only way.

  5. 5. Isn't Jesus Just One of Many Options?

    Pete Briscoe

    We live in a broad, pluralistic society that says, "Whatever works for you, works for you. And whatever works for me, works for me." Everything is acceptable. But sometimes, when it concerns truth, it's appropriate to be narrow in our thinking.

    As Christians, we know the truth. We know Christ is the only way. Yet, we still struggle proclaiming that to others. Why? Because we are breathing in pluralistic air where being narrow labels us as unloving.

    In this message, Pete outlines basic principles of major world religions and proves: When it comes to faith systems, you can argue about which one is true, but you cannot say they are all true.

  6. 6. Can Someone Like Me Really Change?

    Pete Briscoe

    Permanent, lasting change is difficult. Just ask the old dog who can't learn new tricks. Is there a habit you've been trying to break? A new lifestyle you're trying to bring about? If you're trying to change on your own, you will probably be disappointed with the results.

    The truth is, permanent change is possible, but it requires a miracle—a miracle only God can perform. In this message on Ezekiel 36, Pete encourages us to stop trying to change ourselves and allow God to do the work in us.

    Scripture:  Ezekiel 36

  7. 7. How Does Someone Become a Christian?

    Pete Briscoe

    How does someone actually become a Christian? It's a simple question, but a lot of confusion surrounds it. Many people have their theories, some say it takes a prayer, and others believe that works alone are needed. However, in the book of Romans, Paul gives a very simple answer to the simple question.

    In this message, Pete clears away the confusion about how to become a Christian and shows us that the clear and simple answer is found in God's Word.

    Scripture:  Romans 10:9 - 10:13

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