Changed by Christ

Pete Briscoe

During His ministry, Jesus reached out to all sorts of people, from the most despised in society to the highly respected in religious circles. He wasn't concerned about what people thought of His actions, and He wasn't afraid to violate prescribed religious laws of the day. He cared about embracing people, teaching them truth, and changing their lives. 

Jesus wants to meet you right where you are, in your current state, with His love and grace. The question is: Will you accept the meeting and be forever changed by Christ?

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. When Being Good Isn't Enough

    Pete Briscoe

    What if I told you that no matter how well you follow the commandments, it still wouldn't be enough to get you into heaven? Doesn't that seem unfair? Nicodemus thought he was guaranteed a place with God because he was one of the most knowledgeable law keepers of his time. Listen as Pete takes us to John 3 to explain Jesus' corrections to those assumptions.

    Scripture:  John 3

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