Building a God-Honoring Church

Pete Briscoe

Sell the sizzle! That's what most ads do when they market a product. Today, many churches are not much different. Ask various people what they like about their churches and you'll hear things like: great worship music, interesting sermons, or a wonderful children's program. Isn't that missing the point? 

When did church become someplace we go instead of something we belong to? Do we think of church as a bunch of things we like instead of a group of people we love? 

Pete shares his passion for building a God-honoring church in this rich series from Ephesians. As he explains, the word church means "called out ones." But it's a two-part call—we're not just called from something, we are also called by God to something. Find out what we, as the church, are called to and what this calling looks like, in real-world situations and relationships.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 3. Building on the Mystery

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you ever get bogged down in your church life and feel like it's a never-ending list of chores and appointments? To fix it you need to change how you view the church. The apostle Paul viewed church in a special and unique way. In fact, in the book of Ephesians, Paul discusses six ways the church is unique.

    In this message, Pete explains these traits to help us elevate our view of the church. 

    Scripture:  Ephesians 3:1 - 3:13

  2. 4. Building on Prayer

    Pete Briscoe

    God tells us to be a God-honoring church. It's easy to read that statement; it's harder to understand it. What does it mean and how do we do it? The answer is simple—we pray. And although it may seem like we need to pray for the church, we actually need to pray for ourselves.

    In this message, Pete tells us seven specific things we need to pray for in our individual lives in order to become more of a God-honoring church.  

    Scripture:  Ephesians 3:14 - 3:21

  3. 8. Building Maturity

    Pete Briscoe

    After a certain age, parents expect their kids to act grown up. For example, parents no longer expect their kids to have temper tantrums when they are 19 years old. God feels the same way about us. He expects us to grow up. 

    In this message, Pete explains eight characteristics of Christian grown-ups, so we can learn the right way to behave in order to live for God.  

    Scripture:  Ephesians 4:12 - 4:16

  4. 9. Building Distinctiveness

    Pete Briscoe

    God has called us to live our lives totally different from how we did before we were Christians. He wants our lives to revolve around Him, and He wants us to daily throw off all conduct that is tied to our former, non-Christian lives.

    But many people struggle to do this. Some people don't know Christ at all, and others are Christians who are still slaves to sin.

    In this message, Pete explains how each of us can become the Christian God expects us to be. 

    Scripture:  Ephesians 4:17 - 4:24

  5. 10. Building Character

    Pete Briscoe

    When thinking about how to live a life for Christ, following the Ten Commandments is always a good place to start. But there are also choices we can make that will demonstrate a life worthy of the calling.

    In this message by Pete, he looks at Ephesians chapter 4 to explain five big issues we can address in our lives so we can live more for Him.  

    Scripture:  Ephesians 4:25 - 4:32

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