Beyond Ordinary

Pete Briscoe

No one is insignificant when they know Jesus. Because Jesus takes ordinary people—people just like you—and does extraordinary things through them. That's how He works. 

Are you open to Jesus working through you? 

Pete Briscoe's series will help you allow Jesus to work in you and through you. He focuses on the apostle Peter, whose faith journey had roller coaster ups and downs. And yet Peter is a stunning example of how God works through an ordinary person in extraordinary ways.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Stepping Out, Following Close

    Pete Briscoe

    The realization of your God-intended potential rests on your decision: will you follow Him? When Jesus called Peter to leave behind the boat and follow Him, Peter learned that by saying yes, he could realize his full potential. If he had said no, his potential would have remained dormant. In choosing to follow Jesus, Peter took the first step in his faith journey—a journey that would later lead him to walk on water. 

    Scripture:  Matthew 14

  2. 2. Peter's Verbal Roller Coaster

    Pete Briscoe

    Everyone experiences roller coaster ups and downs in their faith journey, even the apostle Peter. We witness his roller coaster faith in Matthew 16, where at first he boldly professes his faith, but later his unbelief becomes a stumbling block to Jesus. 

    In this message, we see how much we're just like Peter—sometimes allowing God to use us to do right and sometimes hurting people with our words. Yet even in the midst of this, Christ forms us into His likeness and uses us for His Kingdom.

    Scripture:  Matthew 16

  3. 3. It

    Pete Briscoe

    What do all of the heroes of the faith have in common? What is "it"—the common characteristic that seems to drive people like the apostle Peter, Billy Graham, or Corrie ten Boom? "It" is the fundamental, distinctive characteristic of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. This characteristic is seen in the way these heroes treat the people around them. It is seen also in their approach to God, in the way they confront others, and in their capacity for forgiveness. 

    In this message, Pete Briscoe describes the most important characteristic of a disciple of Christ using an acrostic for the word “humility.”

    Scripture:  Matthew 17 - 18

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