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Secrets to a Successful Marriage Series Artwork

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Pete Briscoe

There’s no shortage of opinion about how to achieve a great marriage. Yet even with all the advice from popular culture, books, movies, and social media, it’s obvious that so many couples are looking in the wrong places for answers about how to not only stay married, but how to experience a deeply intimate, enriching, and mind-blowing marriage.

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Keep the Faith Album Artwork

Keep the Faith

Stuart Briscoe

Stuart covers a lot of territory in this 8-message series based on Hebrews. From reviewing the foundational building blocks of faith to exposing the undisputed influence of the secular world on all ages of believers, there’s biblical truth throughout to make us all pause and consider how well we are running the race and what it means to Keep the Faith.

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Entrapment Album Artwork


Jill Briscoe

If the enemy can’t separate you from God, he’s content to do the next best thing... distract you with subtle traps that will draw you away from God. These traps may seem like normal things in life that you manage every day—time, money, self. But if you get caught up in the bait he sets in these areas, you’ll struggle with priorities and gradually begin to turn away from God. And you might not even realize it.

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How the Story Ends Album Artwork

How the Story Ends

Pete Briscoe

God doesn’t tell us how our lives will end. But He does tell us how the world will end. In this 6-message teaching series, Pete Briscoe walks us through Daniel’s visions and unravels the symbolism and meaning to help us prepare for this time to come. And more importantly, to remind us about the wonderful and ultimate victory we’ll one day witness with our own eyes!

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