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Stuart Briscoe Biography

Stuart Briscoe preached his first sermon at the tender age of 17. More than 65 years later, he continues preaching and teaching the Bible. His ministry has taken him to all seven continents, although his visit to Antarctica was disappointing because of lack of interest among the penguins.

Stuart was born to a believing family in Millom, Cumbria, England in 1930. He came to faith early and graduated early from High School. Rather than wait two years to go to University, he embarked on a banking career and eventually became personal assistant to the Chief Inspector of the District Bank. During the Korean War, he served in the Royal Marines and in 1958 he married Jill, a school teacher, who was born in Bootle, Liverpool, home of the Beatles! In the early days of their married life, Stuart and Jill devoted most of their spare time to outreach ministry to the unchurched youth of Britain until they were invited to leave their secular employment to join the ministry of Torchbearers, a ministry reaching out to young people around the world.

For the next 11 years, Stuart traveled extensively while Jill stayed at home caring for their three children David, Judy, and Peter; and she still found time to establish and lead a burgeoning ministry throughout the northwest corner of England.

In 1970, Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA extended a call to Stuart and Jill to pastor the church, a ministry they fulfilled for thirty years during which time they witnessed great response to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

At the age of 70 in 2000, Stuart voluntarily stepped aside as Elmbrook Church’s Senior Pastor in order to engage in itinerant ministry around the world with particular emphasis on the informal training of church leaders in the developing world. Jill and Stuart continue to serve Elmbrook Church as ministers-at-large and spend most of their year away from home, preaching and teaching wherever invited.

Stuart has written more than forty books, he’s ministered in over 100 countries, and he preaches regularly around the world via radio and Internet through the auspices of Telling the Truth, a ministry he founded in 1971.

Frequently asked when they plan to slow down Stuart replies, “When no-one any longer wishes to hear what we have to say we’ll stop saying it and stay home! “