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The Road to Joy


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Do you want to be happy...really, truly happy?

Be truly happyLife is hard. There’s always a mountain to climb or an annoying person to deal with or a tragedy to overcome. So is it really possible to be happy – really, truly happy – no matter what’s going on around you?

Jill Briscoe says “Yes.” And she shows you why in her "Heartstrings" book and "How Do I Find Joy?" CD message.

These resources show you…
  • How to experience supernatural peace when circumstances don’t go your way
  • How to be content with the blessings you already have
  • Why you never have to doubt that God is for you
"Heartstrings" and "How Do I Find Joy?" are our gifts to thank you for your donation below, so please request yours when you give today.

And thank you for helping more people experience real Life in Christ!

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